Susan Bosnjak

Susan Bosnjak - Fashion Guru at the First In Best Dressed eventSusan Bosnjak was first introduced to the world of fashion and colour imaging in the late 70’s when she joined the famous June Dally-Watkins’ modelling agency in Sydney which, at the time, was world renown for training not only in fashion but also styling for body shapes, colours to wear and how to put it all together.

Susan soon realised that just because a person may look good on the outside a lot of image problems came from a lack of self-esteem and insecurities within. In the 80’s Susan studied counselling and psychology which led her into the corporate field as a Human Resources and Training Manager. Susan always found herself being drawn back to the world of fashion and colour and in 2001 she founded Eve’s Garden – The Essence of Womanhood.

Susan’s ultimate vision with Eve’s Garden is to see women from all walks of life become empowered to achieve the best they possibly can by developing their self-esteem, confidence, enhancing their outlook on life and believing in the potential that comes with being a woman.

Susan has seen women totally turn their lives around and become confident in who they are and how they project themselves. Her courses offer a variety of image aspects from identifying your body shape, choosing correct colours to suit you, building a wardrobe to suit your lifestyle, learning how to accessorise to change the look of an outfit, how to de-clutter your wardrobe, using organic and natural skin care products for that “to die for” beautiful skin, learning the art of make-up application and looking at why we think the way we do about the way we look.

Susan’s favourite motto is “I am Beautifully & Wonderfully Made”.

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