How to get organised

How to get organised - Think in Pictures Events

Try working with your calendar in reverse… ie write down the due date for a task you’ve set yourself and put that at the top of your list.

Then… underneath that…. list everything in reverse order, one step at a time, going backwards. So, the first line might read:

  1. 20 October – The event
  2. 10 October – Pack showbags
  3. 20 September – Registrations due
  4. 20 August – Final confirmation of sponsors, entertainnent and speakers
  5. 20 July – Finalise sponsorship and prizes
  6. 20 June – Finalise speakers
  7. 31 May – Book speakers and sponsors

Your options are:

  • Be as detailed as you like, however keep it short and sweet, the less to remember, the more efficient you will be
  • Diarise it in your calendar – online or otherwise
  • Set alarms
  • Work with someone else – that helps to remind you too and keeps you accountable
  • Add pictures – visual reminders speak louder than words
  • Diarise some ‘chill out’ time too – it’s important it’s not a stressful exercise

So take some time and work out how to get organised.  You’ll be glad you did.

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