How to exceed expectations

How often do we fall into the trap of following and modelling others’ ideas and then just settling for that….

How many of us think something is a great idea, adopt it, modify our sales techniques, products, websites, presentations and then leave them at that…without pursuing it any further?

Here’s an idea…. why not take the ideas you find and then stretch them, not just a little bit, but a WHOLE lot further.

Check out this German video on how a magician works so well with an iPad… it really highlights the potential of how 2 completely different areas of expertise can be integrated to not only enhance  a product’s features, but highlight the strengths and advantages of both.


So, here’s the thing…

Is magic and the world of technology so different?

What can you do to enhance what you’re doing to make it soooooooo different and so unique that you too will get 2 million views?

Food for thought.  Think in Pictures and see what happens…

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