Brenda Foster and Julie Fidler

Julie Fidler & Brenda Foster - The Princess Pursuit 2014With the Australian Open over in January 2014, it was evident from the crowds and the media coverage that tennis has certainly left its mark on the Victorian public, let alone the Australian public – from generation to generation.

Both Julie Fidler and Brenda Foster have played a huge part in the tennis arena, literally…  Both share their stories of passion, inspiration and sheer determination to overcome the odds, the challenges that face a woman in competitive sports, not only as a youngster but also as a competitor and coach, plus running small businesses and raising a family.  How do they do it?

Brenda Foster

Brenda Foster was born in Swan Hill, Victoria and raised on a vineyard in Woorinen, 15km out of Swan Hill, arriving in Wagga Wagga in 1991.

Brenda made her first state team aged 11 and has since won many Victorian, NSW and Queensland state titles. In 1981 she attended the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra on a scholarship and toured England and Europe with the Australian team. Brenda achieved an Australian ranking of 10 in the Ladies and three in the Juniors and a world ranking of 117 in the early 1980s.  She competed at the French Open, Wimbledon, Swedish Open and many WTA tournaments around Europe and Ireland.

Brenda also won the Club championships at 3 clubs in Melbourne – Kooyong, Hawthorn and Caulfield Rec. during the 80’s.  She is the current club champion at the Wagga Wagga Tennis Club.  Brenda has won the Riverina Championships 12 times over the past 30 years.  Since playing in the Australian seniors championship Brenda has won 12 Australian titles in singles, doubles and mixed and 4 world doubles titles.  She has also won 3 World Teams titles over the past 10 years – Naples, Florida 2004, Antalya, Turkey 2006 and San Diego 2012).

Currently the over 50s singles Champion of Australia (January 2014) and the reigning World Mixed Champion, Brenda again represented Australia in the World ITF Seniors’ titles as a member of the Australian 50’s team in Florida in April 2014.

Brenda coaches and trains local juniors around the Wagga Wagga area. She also plays in the local men’s competition to maintain a better level of competition.

She is a qualified advanced coach with the ATPCA and has been an Australian selector with Tennis Seniors Australia for the last 3 years.

Brenda’s training program includes interval training and attending pump, balance, RPM and yoga classes on a daily basis. She also stretches at every opportunity to maintain flexibility.

Brenda is currently ranked No. 1 in Australia in the Tennis Senior Australia 50’s age group. She is ranked number 10 in singles and 4 in mixed in the ITF Tennis Seniors World rankings.

Brenda has been happily married for 28 years and has three beautiful sons.


Julie Fidler

Julie Fidler is a high achiever and works with so many others in order to reach the high goals they set themselves.  Starting tennis lessons at age 10, she maintained the top 3 position in Victoria in her age group for 5 years.  Julie continued to master her skills playing State Grade Pennant for 10 years mostly at No. 1 and No. 2 from age 15, travelled extensively on the tennis circuit both nationally and internationally competing in Wimbledon and Australian Open Championships and continues to compete regularly in the Seniors World Championship events, currently holding the 2013 Winner Australian 50’s Doubles’ title.

Not only well versed in off-the-court management, Julie has also been coaching up-coming tennis prodigies for 36 years, 31 years of which have been as an advanced coach running her own business which currently employs 3 assistant coaches.

With Tennis Coaches Australia, Julie is the current TCAV President, for the 7th year, has been a Board member for 15 years, a Tennis Victoria Council member for 13 years and a TCAV Tennis Coach Course examiner for 7 years.  Julie also holds the position of President of Victory Park Tennis Club for the 4th year, Junior Coordinator for the 17th year, the Victory Park Tennis Club Delegate to Junior Associations for the 17th year and is a Life Member of the Australian Federation Cup Tennis Foundation.

Julie was awarded a Women’s Coaching Scholarship by Tennis Australia in 1996, was the Australian representative at World ITF Coaching Conference in Turkey 2005, the Milo Talent ID Coach for Tennis Victoria for several years, the Manager of 2 Victorian 12/Under teams in Canberra and took 7 trips escorting coaching students to the US and New Zealand tournaments.  Julie has also achieved the 20132 Winner Tennis Victoria Volunteer Achievement Award, in 2012 was nominated by Tennis Victoria for Tennis Australia Volunteer Achievement Award and in 2013 was one of 3 Finalists for Tennis Australia Volunteer Achievement Award.

Julie now also currently specialises in Mental Training for elite tennis players.

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