Discipline, determination and dedication

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Don’t you just love it when you see absolutely phenomenal skill, technique and discipline in full flight? Occasionally our social media friends will share something amazing with us and when we get to actually take the time out from our busy schedules and sit and watch something and truly value it’s content, it can be quite inspiring.

There are moments in videos like these that make you realise how much work it takes to achieve perfection (or close to), how much time it takes to discipline oneself, how much dedication it takes to work with a team who doesn’t always share the same values as you, yet are still prepared to work together to achieve an amazing outcome where so many get to share the joy.


This Top Secret Drummers video just does it I think. So, before you go off banging your own drum, have a think about what you’re doing or perhaps not doing, that could be ‘adjusted’ in some way so that you achieve whatever successes you set yourself. Have a go… 😀

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