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How to add that personal touch

how to add that personal touch

One of the best marketing tools I ever learned was to keep things personal.  Now, I don’t mean divulging all your personal information or boring people silly with tales of your personal life…. save that for a different audience.  I’m talking about interacting with your followers, audience, buyers, customers, clients, whatever…. on a personal level.  It’s all about how to add that personal touch.

One thing I learned when studying NLP was that people like people who are most like them.  So, when you can adapt your marketing skills so that you are providing your market with what they like, they’re going to love you for it.

First thing?  Find out where your market is at.  Are they on Facebook?  Are they on Google+?  Are they not online at all?  What do they like?  Can you give it to them?  This is all going to determine how you market to them and what you market to them.

Secondly, it’s about being real and genuine and honest and true.  Making up stuff or faking it is simply not going to work.  The chances of you appealing to so many more comes down to your personal touch.

So, how do you do that?  Connect on their level.  Make sure your social media profile image is current and is you or your logo, not some standard out-of-the-box silhouette.  For starters, would you connect with someone online if there was no picture of the person?  Keep it real… put your image up there and let people see who they’re dealing with.  They want to connect with YOU, not some non-personal graphic.

How to market your business online

How to market your business online

Ok, I’ll keep it simple.

Marketing online is a project.  It’s something you need to attend to regularly, consistently, productively and passionately.  It’s ok to have a website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ page, Pinterest page etc etc etc and belong to all of those other wonderful networks online but unless you’re out there marketing, nothing’s going to happen and your business just ain’t gonna make it online.


So, how to market your business online?  Here are 5 tips that come to mind straight away:

  1. Talk to others who do it, have done it and are experts in their field.  Learn from them and glean their ideas.
  2. Research what Facebook and other social media sites offer for advertising.  You’ll find pay-per-click options, display ad clicks and more.  Work out which is best for you and what will suit your budget.
  3. Get your website up to date and happening.  Research what other websites are doing and what sort of success rate they’re having.  Do visitors comment on their sites?  Do the images keep you engaged?
  4. Join in forums and look at what users are looking for.  Do not, however, exploit the forums as a means of advertising your stuff.  Users will soon be deterred by your blatant abuse of the forum and may ignore you completely.
  5. Check out what’s on offer from various sites, for example – Google Hangouts, Twitter chats, Facebook groups and so on.  There is so much to explore!

Hope that helps.  If you’ve got some ideas of your own, feel free to comment here 🙂


How to market your business online

Internet marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in business or not, internet marketing is all about getting your message out there and in the most effective way.

If you want to know how to market your business online, then it’s time to sit down and do some research.  What’s out there on offer?  Bucket loads of information!  That’s what.   It can take you hours and hours of precious time to sieve through all the ins and outs of internet marketing and I’d highly recommend chatting to an expert about what’s involved in getting it done.

Internet marketing is also something that covers such a broad range of topics, for example:

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Online events, chats, webinars
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • Website promotion
  • Writing blog articles that work
  • Using images – copyright vs. royalty-free
  • The power of video
  • Sharing your internet presence on TV and radio
  • and so the list goes on….

It’s all about getting it out there and getting it done right.  For example, there are all sorts of theories about writing blog articles, but the thing is, you want to keep people on your site for as long as possible, right?  So, to do that, write a longer blog article, incorporate links and keep your readers entertained, educated and informed and they’ll come back for more and more and more.

If you really want to get technical, I’d highly recommend becoming part of the Digital Traffic Institute with AutoPilot Your Business – their technological brilliance certainly outshines any other source I know and they are so willing to share.  Definitely worth the investment.