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Clara Chan – The Artisoda Dream

My dream, Artisoda, comes alive as the home of Australian handmade fashion, lifestyle products and homewares – all online.

Clara ChanHi, my name is Clara Chan and I have worked in the fast fashion industry for more than 20 years! After all these years, I decided to follow my dream to start an Australian handmade brand/shop with good design input and great craftsmanship.  I wanted to ensure all products were made in small quantities to preserve their uniqueness and specialty.

I collaborate with local designers, crafters and artists to create each and every curated collection which is part of my dream to build a unique and socially responsible brand.

Artisoda 1Like all small business owners, the road to success is long and rocky. I tumble and pick up again so many times that I feel so blessed to have seen come alive.

A special thank you to Lauren who did most of the fittings with me.  Her delightful character added so much life to the photos.

Thanks also to Deanna Roberts for giving me advice and support. Without support from an artist and entrepreneur like her, it makes the Artisoda journey impossible.

I am looking forward to sharing the ups and downs, tears and laughter in the journey of bringing Artisoda alive.


Artisoda 2Keep an eye on this blog, more stories to come soon.

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Clara Chan –

Napkin decoupage – What is it?

Napkin decoupage - Think in Pictures Events

Last year, whilst visiting the Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne, I came across a lady demonstrating the use of napkins to decorate bags and all sorts of other paraphernalia.

I was fascinated by this idea and took home a kit full of napkins and glue and other little decorative nit bits.  Now, the one important thing that was pointed out was that using napkins made in Europe was the best way to go as the quality was different to those made in China and was easier to work with.  I agree… I’ve tried the napkins made in China, and of course I had to prove it to myself, and yes…. the European ones stand out a mile.

So, how does it work?  It’s simply a matter of:

  1. Think about the surface you want to decorate (I was really keen on decorating a lamp shade, mobile phone cover, glasses case, tablet cover and some canvases.
  2. Purchase your napkins and select some designs that are going to work with the shape of your item
  3. Purchase some napkin glue (yes, there’s special napkin glue for this).  PVA glue is similar and can work, but it’s best to use a sealer with it also.  I’ve tried both and both options work a treat.
  4. Separate the layers of your napkin – you’re only going to use the top decorative, and very thin layer
  5. Place your napkin face up on your surface
  6. Apply the napkin glue with a wide and soft-bristled brush
  7. Don’t worry about the rough edges – you can glue them down as you go.  Trim down any other edges with scissors or blade-knife once it’s dry – it’s much easier to work with and less likely to tear.
  8. Leave your item to dry for a good 24 hours.
  9. Coat with another layer of sealer if required.

It’s fun and it’s decorative and it’s easy to do.  Here’s a video that might also assist: