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Who we are

I’m Deanna Roberts, Director of Think in Pictures Events. As a ceramic artist, radio presenter and speaker I understand that many artists need the skills and abilities to not only create their own businesses but also build existing businesses and propel their marketing and income to higher levels.  My responsibility as a speaker and radio presenter is to help make that happen.

Some artists are already well established and simply want to enhance their skills.  Others want to start from the very beginning, some want to simply understand what’s involved in promoting their art and some need and want the skills to be able to do it themselves.  It all comes down to acquiring not only public speaking skills but also interpersonal skills, confidence to trust in one’s own abilities and ability to market themselves on radio and on stage.  Think in Pictures’ artists’ workshops provide individuals the opportunity to explore their talents and artistic flair and balance their creativity brilliance with business and marketing skills.  We don’t just focus on presentation, we focus on you.

What we’re also about

Think in Pictures Events & Arts is also about sharing the creativity and talents of artists who want to promote their art and themselves on air and on stage and for small businesses who like to contribute to a great cause.

We take your imagination and bring it to life. We show you how you can stretch your creative gene to bring back that special ‘something’ that’s missing.  The more creative you are, the more you’re likely to think about how you can build your business, the more inventive you become and the more ideas you share around, with some fabulous results!

At Think in Pictures, we create fabulous, entertaining, educational and fun events for you to enjoy and totally indulge in.  We show you how to be creative again with hands-on workshops, from business skills for artists, from cooking to clay, from crafts to marketing and and we’re big on fundraising.

Connect with us

We look forward to connecting with you and having you on board the Think in Pictures ‘fun’ wagon.  Join us today by completing the Name and Email form (just on the right here…), purchase Deanna’s book, ‘50 Ways to Feel Good‘ and Join our Blog too.  Stay in touch so that we can keep you informed of what we get up to, what’s on, and how you too can share the joy around and get creative!

Book Deanna as a speaker

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out some dates and times when we can share some great radio presentation ideas and/or public speaking skills with you and your guests or members of your organisation.

Listen to Deanna on air

Each Thursday morning at 9 am, Deanna hosts a radio program ‘Cafe Classics’ on Eastern FM 98.1 in Croydon (an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria).  Deanna has been on the air since 2001 and is joined by co-host Rick Durra and they chat, interview some amazing people, play some really cool music and stir each other up.  It’s great fun and we welcome you to tune in.  We’re now streaming and you can simply go to the website and click on the play button on the right hand side to listen in and join in the fun.

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  1. Julie Crene says:

    Hi Deanna,

    Just watched Eastern Newsbeat on Channel 31 and would love to purchase your book 50 Ways to Feel Good. I wish you well with this book.

    Many Thanks Deanna


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